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NSPN Accepts Nominations for National Advisory Board

National Safe Place Network (NSPN) is accepting nominations for the Network's National Advisory Board. These volunteer positions are critical to helping NSPN create awareness, expand services, and provide leadership to work toward our vision - a world in which all youth are safe. NSPN members and licensed Safe Place agencies will select participants of the NSPN Advisory Board via a national vote. If you or someone you know meets the following criteria - we encourage you to submit a nomination form. Together we can make a positive difference in the lives of youth.

NSPN is seeking Advisory Board participants who:

  • Are passionate about meeting the needs of youth and families;
  • Have innovative ideas;
  • Want to enhance our national collaboration for youth;
  • Can commit to participate in committee activities via teleconference and e-mail; and,
  • Can commit to attend 2 national meetings per year.

Advisory Board members serve on a committee and commit to participate in activities related to one or more task areas within the committee. The committees include Expansion, Marketing and Communications, and Leadership.


The Expansion committee is tasked with contributions toward increasing the footprint of NSPN and its programs. Focus is on broad based efforts to grow the Network and to expand the impact of NSPN initiatives.

Task areas:

  • Membership - Delivery and development of services and products locally and nationally
  • Safe Place -  Creating new models and methods of connecting with all youth so no matter where the youth turns, help is available
  • Service Partnerships - Identification and recruitment of like-minded organizations to share ideas, resources, and activities for quality service delivery

Staff support: April Carthorn and Susan Harmon

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications committee is tasked with increasing the brand awareness and understanding of NSPN programs and services. Raises awareness through targeted media outlets and engage at local, state, and national levels to ensure youth safety.

Task areas:

  • Develop marketing tools/templates—capacity building for agencies
  • Target various audiences for messaging related to NSPN programs
  • Website review and social media feedback

Staff Support:  Hillary Ladig and Elizabeth Smith Miller


The Leadership committee is tasked with increasing the strategic position and national impact of NSPN as a leader in the field of youth and family services.

Task areas:

  • Advocacy issues as related to national policy
  • Research and issue brief efforts
  • Evidence-based and evidence-informed efforts to include national registry
  • National partnerships in the development of new initiatives (human trafficking, suicide prevention, etc.)

Staff Support: Shauna Brooks and Tammy Hopper

*Please note: The Leadership committee is full for the 2017/2018 service year.  Please consider the Marketing and Communication or the Expansion Committee.  If you would like to discuss which committee might be the best fit, please contact NSPN at

If you're interested in serving on the NSPN Advisory Board but do not have support from your agency or employer for travel costs, you may also wish to consider sharing your expertise by joining an ad-hoc committee for a specific project. If you'd like to be considered as an ad-hoc committee member, please let us know at

Please click here to access the 2017 NSPN Advisory Board Nomination form:

Nominations must be submitted no later than Friday, May 12, 2017.

For more information, reach out to with the subject line "NSPN Advisory Board."

To view a list of current NSPN Advisory Board participants, please click here:


Advocacy Alert: Budget Blueprint - Dramatic Shifts in National Investment Priorities

The Executive Office of Management and Budget released "America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again" on March 16, calling for dramatic shifts in our national investment priorities. This proposal includes spending cuts that directly target the youth and family services field, including Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Education, and the Corporation for National and Community Service.  

More information about the proposed changes is available here:

The full document is available here

Congress determines how taxpayer funds are actually invested, and they have to vote by April 28.  It is absolutely critical that we educate our legislators about the value of our work and the consequences of funding loss to services for youth and families. Engaging family, friends, partners, youth and other community members in advocacy will strengthen our collective voice as well!

Tips on effective communication about human services are available here

In addition to contacting your own Senator and Representatives, you can reach out to members of congressional appropriations committees to share your knowledge about the importance of federal investments in youth and families. Each chamber also has a Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies Subcommittee. Committee members and contact information can be found via the links below:


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NSPN Offering Internship Opportunities

NSPN is now accepting resumes for four internship positions! You're invited to apply for an internship with Safe Place, a community-based program providing a safety-net for all youth in crisis, and NSPN Membership, the leading membership association of youth and family service organizations with 40 years of training and technical assistance excellence.
Open internship positions include:
Safe Place

For more information on all internship positions or to submit your resume, please email

Why National Service Corps is a Wise Investment of Taxpayer Funds

RHY and other young people served by agencies and programs across the nation will lose crucial sources of support if OMB cuts funding for National Service Programs like AmeriCorps. As experts in this field, we need to educate our elected officials and help them understand the real cost of these cuts. Here are some reasons to protect these programs:

  1. In strictly budgetary terms, at its current funding level, for every $1 we invest in the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), American taxpayers get $2.30 back in fiscal returns.[1]
  2. Federal spending through CNCS generates matching investment from other community sources.  That combined social investment yields an even greater return.  For every $1 in collective support, we net almost $4.[2] 
  3. And National Service Programs provide social benefits beyond those that can be monetized. 
    1. Participants get valuable work experience and access to educational opportunities. 
    2. Local programs benefit from volunteer contributions, increasing their capacity to serve community needs. 
    3. People and organizations who receive services benefit from that capacity in areas like poverty reduction, public safety, education, youth development, and disaster relief, among others. 
    4. Communities subsequently benefit from long term civic engagement and continued volunteering from participants initially engaged in national service programs.
  4. In fact, greater investment in National Service Programs would yield even higher rates of return.

Follow the links below to take action by sharing what you know with your elected officials.

Voice for Service:

Common Cause:

Find a sample letter to congressional representatives here:

[1] Belfield, C.R. (2013). The Economic Value of National Service. Monograph, Voices for National Service and Civic Enterprises for the Franklin Project at The Aspen Institute.

[2] Belfield, C.R. (2013). The Economic Value of National Service. Monograph, Voices for National Service and Civic Enterprises for the Franklin Project at The Aspen Institute.


Calling all Youth Advisory Boards for NSPN's NYABCC

Does your organization have a Youth Advisory Board? National Safe Place Network (NSPN) would like to help you extend your program by connecting your Youth Advisory Board with others from across the nation. While youth work to make a difference in local communities, this opportunity opens the door for muilt-board collaboration to make a national impact. Youth will be empowered to provide input in national campaigns (such as the National Human Trafficking Awareness Month campaign), help lead creative projects (such as website development and national publications), and more - all while strengthening their leadership and team building skills. The overall goal and vision of NSPN is to create a world where all youth are safe. In order to achieve this vision, the voices of youth must be heard. Their input is invaluable.

How does this work? NSPN will host a call for all participating Youth Advisory Boards. During the call, the project description will be shared. Youth will share initial thoughts and ideas about the project while discussing the scope of their involvement. They will also receive suggested action steps, the deadline, and schedule the follow-up call. Once the call is complete, the board can continue meeting to determine the planning process. During this discussion, youth will determine their schedule and identify teams or specific roles and responsibilities. Ideally, they will work together to fullfil their project duties and prepare their presentation for the next call. During the next call, each Advisory Board will share their findings and present their recommendations or task with others. NSPN will then take the recommendations and efforts from all Advisory Boards and work to incorporate these into various national initiatives.

How to join: Sign your Youth Advisory Board up by contacting NSPN's Communications Department at There will be an initial call with staff leads / board coordinators during the first week in February. The call time will be determined by those who sign up. The NSPN Communications Department can't wait to work with you to enhance the lives of youth across the nation.

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