Training and Events

National Safe Place Network (NSPN) is your training partner. Whether it is support for an individual staff person, an agency-specific webinar of your choice, an on-site workshop or consultation, distance learning opportunities, or involvement in national events, NSPN has something to meet your unique needs.

NSPN trainers represent a broad range of expertise, perspectives, and personal histories. The team’s diversity helps ensure you can find the best fit to meet your expectations. Training budgets are often limited and choices to invest those training dollars are made with serious consideration of return on investment.

The trainings offered by NSPN can be customized, and the NSPN training team will work with you to determine the best length, format, and delivery mechanism to ensure participants feel like their time was well spent.

The NSPN training topics include offerings for:

  • Youth care workers
  • Clinicians
  • Management personnel
  • Executives
  • Volunteers
  • Community members

If you are interested in a specific topic or are unsure whether NSPN can provide the training, please contact NSPN at [email protected]. A representative from NSPN’s training department will contact you to begin to build the best plan to meet your needs in a flexible, cost-effective, and outcome-focused way.