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 Subject : What about pay - for those coming to work and those not.. 03/19/2020 09:14:55 AM 
Laurie Jackson
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Agencies are wrestling with the question of whether or not or how we pay staff who do not report for work for a variety of reasons and who cannot work from home. What are others doing regarding the following folks who don't come in for the following reasons and who cannot work from home:

(1) Choose not to come to work, because they don't want to assume risks of doing so
(2) Are clearly in high-risk categories
(3) Who are non-essential and cannot come in, due to government order

Some responses being share include:

• If someone is high risk and can work from home, having no concerns about paying them. But, if someone cannot perform their duties from home, then what? PTO? Pay for a couple of weeks, etc., then move to PTO? We are weighing the need to keep dollars in employees' pockets with loyalty to their employer and those whom we serve, respect for individual decisions to not put themselves at risk and -- of course -- money to pay for it all.

• Implementing a 15% increase in salary for direct service staff who are on-site.

• Paying premium pay to people who are working in our residential programs which calculates to $2/hour more per shift. We are asking people to stay at home if they have any symptoms so are supporting a number of people who are staying home. We are on a two week shut down so I am supporting all staff even those who cannot do remote work during this time but not sure how long we can do that.

• We have virtually everyone working remotely now, except for residential program staff. We’re paying frontline residential staff an additional $50 per shift. So far, our staffing is holding strong.
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