NSPN members and licensed Safe Place agencies are what make the Network so special. Read what they have to say about being part of NSPN:

"Our agency as a whole is very thankful for Safe Place / NSPN and all the benefits it provides to not only youth, but the staff at member agencies. We have been able to utilize training resources for all staff using the NSPN web-based learning as well as the numerous opportunities to come to various conferences and bring material back to our agency. Safe Place has assisted us in helping many children over the past few months that would not have know how to get the assistance they so desperately needed had it not been for their school publicizing Safe Place."
~ Lucas Myrick, Residential Manager
Flowering Branch Children's Shelter, Cartersville, Georgia
Licensed Safe Place Agency and NSPN Member
"NSPN has helped my as the Safe Place Coordinator by having a member website that has recorded webinars and past presentations regarding implementation of the Safe Place program, utilizing volunteers, resource development, professional management skills and much more. NSPN has also created a culture that is always willing to help in whatever way possible, no matter the distance. From idea sharing, managing a social media account, working with law enforcement, NSPN staff and Safe Place Coordinators are always willing to lend an ear and respond. I have been able to call or email NSPN staff or Coordinators from different states and have a helpful conversation as if they were right next door."
~Liana Martinez, Safe Place Coordinator
Youth Emergency Services, Omaha Nebraska
Licensed Safe Place Agency and NSPN Member
"Youth Emergency Services has benefited in many ways from membership in NSPN. The Transitional Living Program case managers and program coordinator set aside time to do on-line training modules as a group. As a small agency, this has been cost effective and has added value to our programming. We have also gained from in-person workshops on trauma-informed care and executive leadership. The staff at NSPN are always willing to offer technical assistance and brainstorm ideas. I highly recommend NSPN membership! It has been a great experience for YES!"
~Mary Fraser Meints, Executive Director
Youth Emergency Services, Omaha, Nebraska
Licensed Safe Place Agency and NSPN Member
"The Safe Place program places a resource directly in the hands of youth to access and initiate help on their own, without having to be a part of the 'system.' Without this program, and our community partners (QuikTrip, Valley Metro Light Rail, Maricopa Community College Campuses, Phoenix Public Libraries, etc.) last year more than 125 youth would have remained in abusive, runaway or homeless situations. With the support and guidance from National Safe Place Network, this program is an asset to the well-being of any community."
~Michelle Cerniglia, Program Manager
Open Hands Youth Crisis Shelter, Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development, Phoenix, Arizona
Licensed Safe Place Agency and NSPN Member