Programs Operated by NSPN

NSPN Membership

National Safe Place Network provides membership opportunities to organizations and individuals. Each organizations work diligently to offer strong, sustained, effective programming to its community. NSPN membership helps support the organization and staff in meeting this goal by focusing training, organizational development, and professional development.  NSPN gives members the freedom to choose services and helps organizations support staff at all levels, including emerging leaders, middle managers, and executives; access customized on-site and land-based training opportunities; identify areas of strength and improvement to increase agency capacity, and more in a cost-effective way. The network operates NSPN Membership to support organizations and youth service providers.  The network operates Safe Place to help support communities to keep young people safe.

Safe Place

National Safe Place works to expand the national safety net for youth through a network of licensed agencies that operate the Safe Place program. The organization provides training, technical support and resources to ensure quality and consistent operation of Safe Place, a youth outreach and prevention program for young people in need of help and safety. To learn more, please visit

NSPN provides training for youth service providers to help improve their work with survivors of human trafficking. RHY service providers who may come into contact with youth involved in human trafficking must have a basic understanding of human trafficking in order to accurately identify victims and provide appropriate and trauma-informed services. The human trafficking framework NSPN created to support this initiative focuses on the following areas: recognition, respect and response. The project is officially identified as HTR3 to reflect the three human trafficking focus areas. In October 2013, NSPN received a one-year federal grant to provide this training to more than 400 federal RHY grantees. To learn more, please visit