National Safe Place Network Organizational Membership

National Safe Place Network (NSPN) offers unique member services designed to meet your needs in ways that make sense for your community and organization. Since 1977, NSPN has provided quality services to support youth service organizations and their staff through organizational and professional development, as well as on-site and online training. One of the things that sets NSPN Membership apart from other association options is the networks commitment to work in partnership with each member to create a plan for addressing your needs while providing opportunities for you to share what you do best with other members of the network. NSPN's motto "Together We Can" is the driving force behind all the network does to support youth, families, and communities in partnership with organizations like yours.

NSPN membership is only $300 per year and includes: 

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NSPN understands that each organization is unique and provides you the opportunity to select the services you need. Giving members the freedom to choose specific services helps organizations support staff at all levels, including emerging leaders, middle managers, and executives; access customized on-site and land-based training opportunities; identify areas of strength and improvement to increase agency capacity, and more in a cost-effective way. Being an NSPN member also provides you with opportunities to participate in national sub-grant and data collection efforts that can bring valuable resources and attention to your organization. Members are also kept up to speed on youth and family service initiatives across a variety of research areas and federal initiatives. When agencies need to train staff, experience change, face challenges, or need up-to-date best practices and research, NSPN provides this assistance and more.

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