Pay it Forward Prevention Ambassador Fundraising Event Kicks off on Giving Tuesday 2021

National Safe Place Network (NSPN) is kicking off the month-long Pay it Forward Prevention ambassador fundraiser on Giving Tuesday 2021. Safe Place ambassadors are set to raise $10,000 before the end of 2021 as part of the campaign. If every dedicated ambassador raised just $100, this would exceed the goal and help keep hundreds of youth safe by supporting the Safe Place program.

Safe Place ambassadors are encouraged to create a Pay it Forward Prevention fundraising page and share with friends and family to help youth in crisis.

Fundraising can be daunting and sometimes conversations around money can feel awkward. NSPN appreciates your efforts to fundraise for young people in crisis across the United States. We have compiled some tips for successful fundraising that will help eliminate any worries you may have.

Tips for Successful Fundraising

  1. Make your own donation first.
    We can’t ask others to give if we aren’t willing to. It is easier to ask someone to give once you have made a commitment yourself.

  2. Know what you are supporting and why.
    A positive, confident attitude is the first and most important step. Be clear about your own commitment, be yourself, talk from the heart.

  3. Prepare for effective asking.
    Face-to-face asks are most effective. The holiday season is a great time for fundraising as most individuals are more social. If an in-person conversation isn't possible, check out this ladder of effective asking (adapted from Indiana University) to help determine your plan of action. 

    Sharing on social media is always best with an image. Promote your ask with the Giving Tuesday image below. Just click to download.

  4. Ask your best prospects first.
    If you have friends or family with a history of giving during the holidays, reach out to them. You’ll gain confidence and momentum with an early yes.

  5. Make it personal.
    Examples of how Safe Place and TXT 4 HELP can make a difference in the lives of young people will help sell your giving. Download the Safe Place Makes a Difference flyer to share with those while you’re making an ask.

  6. Aim high and ask for a specific amount.
    NSPN is asking each Ambassador to raise money to help us reach our goal. You can share some of the dollar amounts below so donors have a tangible idea of how their donation will make a difference for young people in crisis.

    • Support one youth to use TXT 4 HELP to immediately connect with a counselor when in crisis for $25.
    • Make two universally recognizable Safe Place signs available for sites so youth know where to go for $50.
    • Provide 4,000 outreach cards to ensure youth know about safe options for $100.
    • Help support an increase in the quality of direct care provided to ten youth for $500.
    • Provide educational materials to youth in ten communities for $1,000.

  7. Make friends for Safe Place.
    Although not everyone will choose to give, you’re making efforts for Pay it Forward Prevention by sharing vital information about Safe Place. Knowing about the program and how it helps is the first step for youth in crisis to access safety when they need it most.

Those who prefer not to support youth through fundraising efforts, may participate in the Pay it Forward Prevention campaign by making a donation online at Please consider a gift of $100 or more to help meet the campaign goal in an effort to keep hundreds of youth safe. 

Your commitment of each Safe Place ambassador helps provide a deeper connection into their community, thus expanding the safety net for youth. NSPN appreciates its ambassadors for their participation in this campaign and for their commitment to help keep youth safe.