Youth ThriveTM 

The Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) developed Youth ThriveTM in 2011. CSSP synthesized research on resiliency, positive youth development, neuroscience, and traumatic stress to understand how to truly promote healthy growth and optimal outcomes for young people. Youth ThriveTM is an approach based on a set of principles that translates into clear and concrete recommendations for any adult working with vulnerable youth. 

Overarching Goal: 
Based in strengths-based and positive psychology perspectives, the Youth ThriveTM training gives educators, social workers, policymakers, law enforcement personnel, and direct-service workers in any setting the concrete knowledge they need to understand young people and promote their long-term well-being. 

Five Critical Premises: 
Youth ThriveTM is based on five premises that reflect what adults need to do, but even more importantly, how they need to do it. Youth are best supported by professionals who:

  • Understand current research on neuroscience and adolescent development and its implications for working with young people.
  • Particularly understand the impact of traumatic stress and how to use trauma-informed approaches.
  • Recognize relationships as a primary source of growth and learning for young people.
  • Competently provide culturally appropriate services.
  • Assess and modify their own beliefs and practices and take care of themselves in challenging environments.

For more information about Youth ThriveTM, please email the membership team at [email protected].