What Do You Do To Help Yourself and Others Learn Better?

National Safe Place Network (NSPN) attended the 2016 National RHY Grantees Conference in November where we asked participants, “What do you do to help yourself or others learn better?” We received so many great tips. Here are just a few:

  • “I try to make workshops friendly and offer sweets."
  • “Biofeeds = 10 minutes of soothing music that relaxes staff or individuals.”
  • "In helping others and myself to learn I like to keep things basic and simple."
  • "Study with candy. Eat a piece of candy while studying, then eat the same candy before the test. Helps you remember."
  • "Hear. Write. Say. Do"
  • "I share info and knowledge as soon as I get it. Also offer encouragement."
  • "Offering paper and pens are crucial. Notes lead to doodling which keep the brain engaged."
  • "Repeat everything being spoken in your head to reinforce what you've heard to commit it to memory."
  • "Whatever your background is, let it push you forward, not backward."
  • "Staying current on everything related to youth culture."
  • "Human trafficking prevention is what we want to learn more about."
  • "I believe in an open communal learning environment where each person brings something different to the table."
  • "No TV or radio - quiet and little distraction."

Thanks to those of you stopped by the NSPN table last month and provided tips! It was great seeing some familiar faces and meeting new members. 

Katie Carter with RHY Grantee